Does Your Lawn Need New Turf?

Are you happy with your garden? There is always something extra you could do in any garden. Perhaps, you want to plant more flowers or weed the flowerbeds that you already have? Perhaps, you are looking for a way to add an eye-catching feature to your garden, maybe a statue or a fountain? Whatever type of garden you have, one of the components for the garden is likely to be a lawn. If you have a lawn in good condition, it can do a great deal to make any deficiencies elsewhere less noticeable. If your lawn is struggling, it may be time to consider buying some turf and relaying the lawn. Here are three considerations when buying turf for your lawn.

Is the turf right for your garden?

Understanding how your garden is used will help you decide whether the turf is ideal for your property. Turf that is beautiful but fragile is fine if your garden is only lightly used. If you have pets and young children running about or if you like to entertain guests on the lawn, you may need something a little more resilient. Another consideration is the amount of rain that you can expect in your location. Different types of turf have different water requirements. You must pick a turf that won't look dry during the warmer months of the year. Ask your turf supplier which turf is best suited to the climate in your area.

Is the turf healthy?

Choosing the right type of turf is essential, but you must also be sure that the turf you receive is in good condition. Start by looking at the root system of turf and checking that it is strong and vigorous. Don't accept any turf that seems to have dried out and started to die. Consider whether the turf is evenly cut and has a suitable shape. You should avoid uneven turf with a ragged edge as this could leave you with a bumpy lawn or one with gaps where the turf does not slot together perfectly.

How will the turf be delivered?

Usually, turf is delivered to you by the turf company. Before you agree to purchase from them, ensure that they can deliver when you are home to receive the turf and have time to lay it. Think about how the turf will reach your property. Do you have suitable access for the delivery truck? Can the truck park and make a delivery without causing traffic chaos?