5 Ways Indoor Blinds Can Increase Your Home's Energy Efficiency

Solar heat gain through a window can lead to higher cooling costs in the summer months, while heat loss can result in higher heating bills in the winter months. One way to make your windows a bit more energy efficient without splurging on new windows is to upgrade the window coverings to indoor blinds.

1. Reflective Backing

One of the easiest ways to improve energy efficiency with blinds is to choose a model with heat reflective backing on the exterior-facing side of the windows. If the style you like doesn't come with the option for a reflective backing, then opt for blinds with light-coloured backing as this reflects more sunlight and heat away from your home. Conversely, if cold is more of a concern, then choose a dark colour that will absorb heat into the home during the winter months. 

2. Automatic Sensors

New "smart" controlled indoor blinds are available that can help mitigate solar heat gain even when you aren't home to operate them. These blinds may be equipped with sensors, which automatically close the blinds when sunlight is directly shining in and reopen them when the heat on the window drops. You can also find models that you can program to open and close at predetermined times. 

3. Insulating Materials

Insulated windows are ideal for energy efficiency, but indoor blinds made of insulating materials are another viable solution. One example is cellular blinds, which have a honeycomb-like design that provides an insulating layer of air against the windows. Thicker materials, such as wooden slat blinds, also provide some insulation for the windows. 

4. Layering Options

Closed curtains can make a room feel small and stuffy during the daytime. If you layer the curtains over some blinds you can allow light in the room without overpowering it with the heat of the sun. Opening the curtains and simply rotating the blinds slightly for light can open up the space without too much summer heat gain. In winter, you can use heavier curtains along with the blinds to better block window drafts.

5. Diffusing Qualities

Some blind styles can diffuse light while still reflecting away heat. Solar shades are one style of blinds good for this, as they are reflective on one side while still being translucent enough to allow plenty of sunlight through. Further, even standard blind styles can be finely adjusted to modulate the amount of light and heat allowed into the house through a window. 

Contact an indoor blinds installation service—such as Redgum Blinds and Shutters—to learn more about the options that are available.