3 Reasons to Refurbish Your Office Building's Façade

If you own and manage a multi-rental office building, then you will have periodic external refurbishment costs. There will be times when you need to hire contractors to work on the outside of your building. When might you need to do this?

1. Your Building Lacks Kerb Appeal

If you rent out space to business tenants, then they won't just be interested in how well you fit out their offices. The external appearance of your building also affects how attractive it is to new tenants or existing ones who are about to reach the end of their contracts.

If your building is dirty, shabby, and needs a new coat of paint, then it won't look good externally. Prospective tenants might not want to move into a building that looks badly maintained. They might assume that you won't pay any attention to internal office space if you don't look after your façade.

Plus, if a company wants to project a professional image, then your building might not match their aspirations. They might not be happy inviting clients and business contacts to visit their offices.

If you book a façade refurbishment, then you make the exterior of your building look more professional and appealing. For example, you could simply paint your walls and clean your windows to freshen things up.

If you take care of your façade, then you won't lose tenants. You're more likely to attract them.

2. Your Building Has Exterior Damage

Building facades naturally deteriorate over the years. These surfaces are exposed and can suffer from weather damage. Their materials might degrade as they age.

For example, exterior metals can corrode and rust. While this affects the cosmetic appeal of a façade, it also damages it. If your building has metal cladding on it, then rust might breach the surface. The underlying structure of your building can then be damaged by water coming in through gaps and holes.

If you have surface or material damage on the exterior of your building, then a façade refurbishment will restore the balance of the property. If you fix surface problems, then you prevent its spread and the increased costs of infrastructural damage remediation.

3. Your Building Needs Some Upgrades

While you might have been happy with the façade of your building when you bought it, you might want to make some improvements now. For example, if your window frames have started to break down, then you might want to install new windows.

Refurbishment upgrades make your building look better. New windows will be more energy efficient. They will make internal offices more comfortable to work in and they will reduce energy consumption and costs.

For more information on building refurbishment, contact a company near you.